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WSJ ~ American’s Need to Pay Attention to Their Trash.

Wall Street Journal, Grappling With a Garbage Glut, April 14th, 2012.

New York City carts out 12,000 tons of trash a day.

Los Angeles has constructed a garbage mountain 500 feet high.

The average American tosses out 4.4 pounds of trash per day. USA population 313,000,000+ and counting.

American communities on average spend more money on waste management than on fire protection, parks and recreation, libraries or schoolbooks, according to U.S. Census data on municipal budgets.

In Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium and Denmark all send less than 4% of their trash to landfills. Recycling rates are two to three times higher than America’s along with community base utilities that burn trash to provide electricity.

To be more aware of your trash outlay take a count next week on your trash output. Last week I counted my trash, 7 bags total with:-

  • 1 bag going to compost
  • 2 bags bottles and can recycle
  • 1 bag paper recycle
  • 3 bags garbage.

We have 3 small garbage cans in the kitchen, one for garbage, a bin for bottles and cans, one for paper recycling along with a counter container for composting.

By David Popoff, Lower Fairfield County Realtor ~ Green, Darien, Ct.

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